Shipping & Returns

  1. Items will be send to carriers with in 6-8 days, check the description page for lead time details. If you purchase multiple items in one order, please reference to the longest lead time. (For example, item 1 can be fulfilled in 3 days, item 2 can be shipped in 6 days, then your order can be fulfilled in 6 days)

  2. You CANNOT cancel your order or modify your order after 12 hours of making the purchase. Since we will have to buy your items from vendors, it is hard for us to cancel orders, so please make sure that you want the item before making any purchases.

  3. We can only ship to the US, UK, and Canada at this moment. Here are our shipping times. The shipping times are only for reference, and more than 80% of the orders are delivered under this timeframe, we cannot guarantee the time of the delivery:

  4. Free Shipping applies to all the products in our shop.


US East Coast 

5-15 Days

US West Coast

8-20 Days


3-12 Days


5-20 Days

  1. Items will be reshipped or refunded if you do not receive the items(item lost during transit)

  2. Items cannot be refunded for any reasons after you receive the parcel (except for malfunctioning items)

  3. We cannot guarantee that every product you purchased are in-stock. We will notify you if we don’t have products you purchased in stock. We will issue a refund if this happens.

  4. Contact if you have any questions.